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Tejano Alert

Tejano Alert is used by EPCC to deliver unexpected closure information and emergency warnings directly to your mobile device and email. Stay informed by registering and updating your information in EPCC’s emergency notification registration system. You may register one cell phone and one email address to receive alerts. Once you have registered to receive Tejano Alerts, these messages provide information, guidance and instructions on what actions you should take or avoid. The Tejano Alert System is an important part of keeping you informed during emergencies.

This system ensures that you receive critical emergency notifications of disasters, hazardous weather, police emergencies, or unexpected events and closures affecting classes or college business.

When there is an emergency or closure announcement, the EPCC Tejano Alert System sends a text message to text enabled devices to the mobile device registered by the user and also sends an e-mail notification to the e-mail addresses you have registered in your Tejano Alert. Messages are automatically sent to student, faculty, and staff EPCC email accounts.

There is no charge to you to be part of the Tejano Alert Emergency Notification System; your carrier may apply text message delivery charges depending on your cellular service plan.

To receive alerts:

  • Register or Update Tejano Alert
  • Install the AtHoc Notifier app on iOS or Android
    • Upon opening the app for the first time, when prompted, use your EPCC email address and Organization Code: epcc

My Alert Information

Terms of Use

As a student or employee of EPCC, you authorized EPCC to use the Tejano Alert Emergency Notification System to keep you informed of emergency conditions in or around EPCC campuses. While registration to the Tejano Alert system is free, your service provider may charge a fee for delivery of messages or reading of e-mails based on your current data plan. Contact your service provider to determine if additional charges may apply.

The primary method of contact will be your EPCC e-mail accounts. You have the opportunity to add one additional e-mail account and up to two text-enabled devices such as your text-enabled cellular phone, PDA, or pager. The contact information you provide to be used by this system is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Tejano Alert Emergency Notification System.

Tejano Alert FAQs

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