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El Paso Community College demonstrates its continued support to the community of El Paso County by offering college courses for Dual Credit at no cost to students. The Dual Credit Program at El Paso Community College offers fundamental core courses to qualified high school students. The college course is a replacement rather than an addition as students take just one class, the college course, and earn both high school and college credit. The courses are taught by instructors credentialed by El Paso Community College. One of the goals of the program is to provide a positive collegiate learning experience for participating high school students. In compliance with Texas State Law, any qualified high school student, regardless of grade level, may be enrolled in core curriculum, career and technical education, or foreign language college courses for Dual Credit.

The Dual Credit and Early College Program is part of EPCC and serves an underserved portion of the local community. Students who have been involved in the Dual Credit and Early College High School Program are twice as likely to graduate from high school, transfer to a post-secondary institution, and complete a college credential.

Dual Credit and ECHS students have access to the same resources and services available to traditional students.

Resources & Services

Dual Credit Counselors