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Calendar Guides

DC_Calendar_Guide_Fall_2023.pdfDual Credit Calendar Guide - Fall 2023
DC_Calendar_Guide_Spring_2024.pdfDual Credit Calendar Guide - Spring 2024
DC_Calendar_Guide_Summer_2023.pdfDual Credit Calendar Guide - Summer 2023
ECHS_Calendar_Guide_Fall_2023.pdfECHS Calendar Guide - Fall 2023
ECHS_Calendar_Guide_Spring_2024.pdfECHS Calendar Guide - Spring 2024
ECHS_Calendar_Guide_Summer_2023.pdfECHS Calendar Guide - Summer 2023

Registration & Enrollment

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DualCreditTextbooksAdoptionsList.pdfDual Credit Textbook Adoption List
First_Day_Adoption_Fall_2023.pdfFirst Day Adoption - Fall 2023
First_Day_Adoption_Spring_2023.pdfFirst Day Adoption - Spring 2023
First_Day_Adoption_Summer_2023.pdfFirst Day Adoption - Summer 2023
Fall_2023_Open_Educational_Resources_OER.pdfOpen Educational Resources (OER) - Fall 2023
Summer_2023_Open_Educational_Resources_OER.pdfOpen Educational Resources (OER) - Summer 2023

Dual Credit Faculty Forms

Biographical Data Form.aspxBiographical Data Form
CredentialingProcess.pdfCredentialing Process
Dual_Credit_Faculty_Non_Employee_Statement_of_Release_Form.pdfDual Credit Faculty Non-Employee Statement of Release Form

Information Handbooks

DCECHS_Administrator_Handbook.pdfHandbook for Administrators
DCECHS_Facilitator_Handbook.pdfHandbook for Facilitators
DCECHS_Instructor_Handbook.pdfHandbook for Instructors
HandbookforParentsandStudents.pdfHandbook for Parents and Students

Professional Development

9th_Building_Bridges_Program.pdf9th Annual Building Bridges Dual Credit Conference Program
DC Connections - Facilitating Student Success in Online Courses - Fall 2023.pdfDC Connections - Facilitating Student Success in Online Courses - Fall 2023
DC_Summer_Convening_2023.pdfDC Summer Convening 2023