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Complaints & Commendations

The El Paso Community College Police Department recognizes that its employees are responsible for their conduct when interacting with students, staff and citizens of our community. It is essential to the safety of our college community that the relationship between police and the public that we serve is built on confidence and trust.

Commendation Procedure

If an employee of the El Paso Community College Police Department provides service that you feel should be commended or recognized, please take a moment to call or to write a letter or memorandum to the Chief of the Campus Police to that effect, providing your reasons why the employee deserves to be commended for his or her actions.

A copy of the commendation will be placed on the employee's file and serves as a morale booster and motivation to provide positive service.

Complaint Procedure

The complaint process is designed to deal with each case factually and fairly. Citizens who file complaints will be treated respectfully, and their accusations will be taken seriously. All complaints are investigated thoroughly and all findings are based on impartial evidence gained during the investigation.

Formal complaints must be submitted in writing and signed by the complainant. Informal complaints may be written or oral. Oral complaints may be submitted personally or by telephone.

How to File a Complaint

Persons wishing to file a complaint, formal or informal, should contact an El Paso Police Community College Police Department supervisor, in person at the Valle Verde, Trans Mountain or the Rio Grande Campus Police Offices or by calling Campus Police and requesting a supervisor. Complaints can also be filed through the office of the Vice President of Student Services. Complaints may also be forwarded to the Chief of Campus Police via regular mail or by e-mail. Persons who file formal complaints will receive written final disposition.


After a thorough investigation, complaints will be classified into one of the following dispositions:

  • Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence exists to prove the allegation.
  • Sustained: Evidence is sufficient to prove the allegation. Sustained allegations could result in additional training or other disciplinary action.

Complaint Forms

Complaint_Report.pdfComplaint Report