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Crime Prevention

The El Paso Community College Police Department is committed to serving the needs of the community. We offer presentations on Crime Prevention that cover a wide range of topics.

Crime Prevention Programs

Several El Paso Community College Police Department officers are specially trained in specific crime prevention techniques. They are available upon request to conduct crime prevention presentations on various topics that include but are not limited to personal safety, sexual assault prevention, domestic violence, preventing auto theft, campus safety and any other concerns that a group might have. All presentations are available to the college community upon request by scheduling well in advance of the presentation.

EPCC Campus Crime Stoppers, a very active campus organization, is another tool available to reduce crime on our campuses. Crime Stoppers will pay monetary rewards for information that leads to the clearing of a crime on campus. All callers will remain anonymous and can call 1(800) 737-8143 or Campus Police to provide information.

Security Awareness Programs

The EPCC PD provides the college community with crime prevention programs in auto theft prevention, and campus security -- focusing on the security of equipment as well as the safety of students, staff, and faculty. Other programs include personal safety and campus safety for those students taking night classes. In addition, the EPCC PC provides Operation ID, used to permanently engrave identifiable information on college and personal property used on campus both by staff and students.

A common theme for all our security awareness programs and crime prevention programs is to encourage students, staff, and faculty to be aware of their responsibility for their own security and the security of others.

When time is of the essence, information is released to the college community through the Campus Safety Alert system.

All EPCC PD security awareness presentations are available upon request.

Personal Safety

General Crime Prevention Tips:

  • Avoid walking alone, especially after dark
  • Contact EPCC Police for a safety escort
  • Be alert of your surroundings
  • Use the “Buddy System” when walking at night
  • Avoid shortcuts – the shortest route is not always the safest
  • Walk away from alleys and bushes
  • Dress for mobility – especially after dark
  • Avoid deserted areas, poorly lit streets and pathways
  • Never jog alone after dark
  • When walking or jogging – go against the flow of traffic
  • If harassed from a vehicle – walk or run in the opposite direction of vehicle travel
  • Do not jog wearing stereo headphones – be alert to what’s happening around you


  • Hide your Valuables
  • Lock your vehicle
  • Take your keys