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Vehicle Registration

Student/Staff Parking

All students, faculty and staff that will drive and park a vehicle on college owned facilities must register their vehicle with the EPCC Police Department Traffic and receive a parking decal.

Pay for your parking permit at your campus cashier office or online: Online Traffic/Parking Payments.


Visitors may park at designated visitor parking at each campus. They may also obtain a temporary parking permit if they will be visiting the campus on a regular basis, i.e. library user, par course user, et., allowing parking at the student parking areas. A semester parking permit for student parking may also be requested to the Police Department for approval. The visitor may then pay the appropriate fee, and present the payment receipt to the EPCC Police for the parking permit. The visitor may not park in the visitor parking as long as the parking permit is on the vehicle. If a visitor receives a citation, the citation may be mailed in according to the instructions on the back of the ticket, or drop it off at any EPCC Police office.

Parking and Traffic Citations

The regulation of traffic enforcement by the EPCC Police Department within the El Paso County Community College District consists of the following categories:

Parking Violations and Moving Violations

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Administrative Sanctions