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Located at the Mission Del Paso Campus, the EPCC Law Enforcement Training Academy provides security and law enforcement training to the El Paso area and West Texas Region.

The Academy sports a public firing range, firearms and non-lethal weapons training, and is host to local police departments, constables, and a variety of federal agencies on a regular basis.


Additional Training Courses

The academy offers a variety of training and certification courses in addition to its long-term programs.

Security Training

  • Advanced Security Officers Training
  • Texas Personal Protection Officer
  • In-Service Firearms Training for Security and Special Officers

Law Enforcement Training

  • Law Enforcement/ Security Officer Baton Recertification
  • Law Enforcement/ Security Officer Taser Recertification
  • Law Enforcement/ Security Officer Oleoresin Capsicum Recertification
  • In-Service Firearms for LE Agencies (Open Entry)

Firearms Training

  • Introduction To Firearms Safety
  • Concealed Handgun Course

Training Schedule