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The El Paso Community College offers numerous healthcare majors such as:


Many of these programs have special entrance requirements in addition to the College's standard admissions requirements. Some of these requirements are mandated by state or federal legislation. Others are based on the standards set by accrediting agencies. You will need to attend a Health Careers Orientation and meet with your counselor to review the requirements for the specific program you have selected.

If you have a disability that requires special assistance, your counselor will work with our faculty and the Center for Students with Disabilities to meet your needs.

General Requirements

Choosing a program

If you are still undecided about which health career would best suit your talents, you might consider taking HPRS 1201: Introduction to Health Professions, which gives you a broad perspective of career choices. Because healthcare is such a growing field, there are many students applying each semester for a limited number of slots. While you may declare a Health Occupations major, this is no guarantee that you will enter the program you’ve chosen.