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An emergency medical technician (EMT) provides emergency care for accident victims, people who suffer sudden illness or those whose health condition has deteriorated to a life-threatening state.

The Emergency Medical Program Services provides training at several levels:

  • EMS-Basic
  • Advanced EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Community Paramedic
  • Critical Care/Flight Paramedic.

The Emergency Medical Program Services provides training at three progressive levels: EMS-Basic, EMS-Intermediate, and EMS-Paramedic. Two enhanced skills certificates are available which include Critical Care/Flight Paramedic and Community Paramedic (available to paramedics). EMSP is fully accredited by CoAEMSP and CAAHEP.

Individuals with EMS registry and/or previously related work experience may register for specialized, specific courses either individually or in an accelerated fashion. See the Health Occupations Counselor or EMSP Program Coordinator for more information.


Career Ladder Mobility

Master’s Degree

Duration of Program

2 year - Certificate of Completion
2 year - Associate Program

Program Documents

layout image Report of Health Evaluation Form (Policy - Pg.7)

EMS-Details_About_the_Program.pdfEMS - Details About the Program
EMS_Plan_Descriptions.pdfEMS Plan Descriptions
EMSP_Program_Outcome_Data.pdfEMSP Program Outcome Data
Advanced_EMT_C2-EMAD.pdfProgram Guide - Advanced EMT CC
Community_Paramedic_C3-EMCP.pdfProgram Guide - Community Paramedic CC
Critical_Care_Flight_Paramedic_C3-EMFP.pdfProgram Guide - Critical Care Flight Paramedic CC
Emergency_Medical_Technician_EMT_C1-EMTC.pdfProgram Guide - Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) CC
EMT_Paramedic_AAS-EMSP.pdfProgram Guide - EMT Paramedic AAS
EMT_Paramedic_C2-EMSC.pdfProgram Guide - EMT Paramedic CC