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Health Careers Orientation

Students who are interested in applying to any Specialized Admissions program in health and/or nursing will need to complete a Health Careers Orientation Session.

Either complete an IN-PERSON or ONLINE Health Careers Orientation.

Note: Nursing applicants, this is one of two orientations you must complete to qualify for ranking.

Online Health Careers Orientation

Please read each section of the PDF carefully as you will be tested on each section. There is a link to the multiple choice test at the end (as well as below). You may go back and read the section again and correct your answer.

Once you have successfully completed the exam

  • Open your e-mail and print the Specialized Admissions Application, you must pass the exam to receive the application.
  • Go to the cashier and pay the $10 fee (located at any of the 5 campuses).
  • Submit the completed application to the Admissions and Registration Office in the Enrollment Service Building at the Valle Verde Campus.

Orientation PDF

Health_Career_Orientation.pdfHealth Careers Orientation

Health Careers Orientation Exam

Face-to-Face Health Careers Orientation

If you wish to attend a health career orientation in person please call the number below. Sessions begin promptly at the designated time scheduled. Capacity is 30 maximum students. Sessions are subject to change without notice.