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The Radiologic Technologist operates imaging equipment to visualize body structure and functions as an aid to diagnosis.

The radiographer utilizes critical thinking skills and adapts them to unique patient needs and situations.

A graduate of the Radiologic Technology Program is eligible to go into Ultrasound programs. Many hospitals provide on-the-job training for nuclear medicine, special procedures, or MRI mammography.


Career Ladder Mobility


Duration of Program

2 year - Associate Program

Program Documents

Radiologic_Technology_AAS-MITR.pdfRadiologic Technology Program Guide
Radiologic_Technology_Clinical_Information.pdfRadiologic Technology Clinical Information
Radiologic_Technology_Program_Effectiveness_Data.pdfRadiologic Technology Program Effectiveness Data
Radiologic_Technology_Vision_Philosophy_Mission.pdfRadiologic Technology Vision, Philosophy, and Mission
SLO_Radiologic_Technology.pdfRadiologic Technology Student Learning Outcomes