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Do you want to attend college full time, but don't have enough time to take more than two classes at once? EPCC’s Mission del Paso Campus has eliminated this frustration by offering pathways to student success and shortening most courses from 16 weeks to only 8 weeks.

Why 8-week courses?

  • Avoid the burnout most students get with 16-week semesters.
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed with fewer courses to take at the same time.
  • Avoid juggling multiple assignments, deadlines, exams, and finals.
  • Most 8-week classes are hybrid, mixing the benefits of face-to-face and online classes.
  • More flexibility for your work, family and busy schedule!

How can the 8-week College at MdP help me attend school full-time and graduate sooner?

8 week campus graphic explanation  

Eight-week semesters give part-time students the opportunity to attend EPCC on a full-time basis. A student who is able to take only two classes at a time could do so twice in a single semester by taking two eight-week classes during the first half of the traditional 16-week semester, then taking two more during the semester's second half. Completing four classes (a total of 12 semester credit hours) in a single semester (still just two classes at a time) will classify a student as full-time and could accelerate the time to graduation with a certificate or degree.

How do 8-week courses work?

At the Mission del Paso Campus, most 8-week courses are in hybrid format, which means you will have a face-to-face and an online component of the class. Classes will meet face-to-face either Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays, with the other days of the week dedicated to online coursework. Having access to a computer and high-speed internet is a necessity for eight-week classes. If you don’t have these items, let your EPCC counselor know so they can see about reserving a laptop or hotspot for you through the Open Computer Labs.

By enrolling in 8-week classes, you’ll have access to student support services, including tutoring, the campus library and opportunities to interact with your peers and skilled faculty. For registration dates and deadlines, please check the Academic Calendar.

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