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Withdrawing from Courses

6 Drop Rule

By state law, all students enrolling for the first time at any Texas public college or university after Fall 2007 will be limited to six course withdrawals (drops) during their academic career.

Drops include those initiated by students or faculty and withdrawals from courses at other Texas public institutions. This policy does not apply to courses dropped prior to census day or to complete withdrawals from the college.

When you register:

  • See your advisor
  • Choose your courses carefully

Before you drop:

  • Discuss options with your professor
  • See your Counselor

Use campus resources such as tutoring and computer labs. If you have already dropped a course see a counselor immediately or call counseling.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students interested in withdrawing from a course may contact their counselor. Please, be aware of the 6-Drop Rule.
The request must be sent with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • EPCC ID Number
  • Course Name
  • Course Number
  • Section Number
  • Last Date Attended

Please Note: The Registrar will not accept email requests from other email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or any other external service.
Send your request using your EPCC email account or by fax to:

  • Students are responsible for protecting their login and password.