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Competency-Based Education (CBE) – a flexible approach to learning!

CBE is a flexible way to earn course credit. It focuses on the competencies (knowledge + skills) you will need in your chosen career and allows you to move through the course at your own pace. Regardless of your work, life, or family responsibilities, CBE can flex around your schedule!

How it works

Content Structure

Although CBE courses are taught online, they are not typical online courses. Each CBE course is made up of a group of competencies. Within each competency, there are learning activities such as readings, assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc. These learning activities prepare you for the competency summative assessment. The competency summative assessment is a project or exam that will determine if you have mastered the competency.

Course Length

Each CBE course needs to be completed within 8 weeks, but YOU are in control of your own schedule. CBE is less interested in the amount of time spent in the virtual classroom and more interested in the competencies you are able to develop and demonstrate. You can accelerate through the content you already know and slow down on things you need extra time on. This means you can finish the course sooner than 8 weeks, but it also means you need to be proactive, responsible, and manage your time wisely.

Want to get started?

How to register for CBE courses

If you have declared a major in the following disciplines: Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Teacher Preparation, or Business Management, you are eligible to register for CBE courses through Self Service Banner. All other majors will need to meet with a Counselor to obtain an override to register for the course. There are CBE Counselors at each campus to assist you with the registration process.

Current CBE Course Listing

The following courses are offered in a CBE format for the upcoming semester. Don’t see a course you need? Check back next semester for an updated listing or contact us for more information.

CBE Support

The Tejano Flex Learning Team is here to help you! Even though your courses are online, you are never alone. CBE Advisors check on you throughout the course to make sure you are keeping on track and to offer support. CBE tutors are also available to help with your coursework as well as navigating the Learning Management System – Brightspace.

Contact the Tejano Flex Learning Team for more information.​


CBE courses are delivered to you through the Brightspace Learning Management System (not Blackboard).

How to access Brightspace: When you register for a CBE course, you will gain access to Brightspace. To log in, go to, click on Services, scroll down to Instructional Services and click on Brightspace. Sign in with your EPCC email and password.

For technical support, contact Brightspace Support – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (English and Spanish available).

Brightspace Support

(877) 325-7778

Tutorials and guides are also available via: