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All international students wishing to live in the US while attending college must be admitted as full-time international students and maintain a full-time course load to stay in compliance with F-1/F-3 Visa requirements. Mexican students who reside in Mexico and commute daily to college may be allowed to enroll less than full time as an F-3/Border Commuter International Student, but there are important restrictions that must be followed to maintain the F-1/F-3 Visa. DHS uses the Student and Exchange Visitors Information System (SEVIS) to track and issue I-20's.

Enrollment Checklist

EPCC has dedicated staff at each campus serving the needs of the international student from the admission application process through transfer or graduation. We understand that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations can be difficult to understand, but we are here to help the international student stay in compliance with DHS requirements while attending EPCC. For the convenience of students, EPCC has Designated School Officials (DSOs) at the following campuses: