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​We want you to be successful in your college courses so your college placement test is an important first step. The course placement tests will assess your current skill levels in reading, writing, and math (or English language proficiency if you are an ESL student). Your placement test scores will determine which courses you may enroll in at EPCC.

If you are a new student, you must complete placement testing before attending a New Student Orientation. If you are a returning or transfer student, check with your counselor or advisor about whether or not you need to take (or retake) one or more parts of the placement test.

Before you take the placement test, take time to refresh your reading, writing, and math skills so that you can do your very best on your test. You'll find lots of helpful information about the placement test on our website and through other EPCC resources available to help you make the most of your college studies.

Pre-Assessment Activity Module (PAAM)

At the Log in page, enter your EPCC ID number and your password. First time users enter your Birth date in MMDDYY format as your password. Your password might be different if you have changed it previously.

Pre-Assessment Activity Module (PAAM)

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment

Test Exemptions

College Preparatory Courses: English Language Arts & Mathematics
PSAT/NMSQT: New/Redesigned
STAAR/EOC Algebra II & ENG III (TSI Exemptions)
ACT, SAT and TAKS (TSI Exemptions)
College Readiness Standards

Spanish Placement

The Spanish Placement test is a computer-based test available at all campuses and has a fee of $10.00. This same placement test will also be available at the high schools partnered with EPCC through the ACCUPLACER platform. Each section has 25 questions and a 20 minute time limit (80 minutes max test time). Students may not have to take all four sections, depending on their skill level. Students must wait three months before retesting. It is recommended that if you do not take the recommended course within one year of testing, you should retest and scores are not transferrable.

Section Answers Correct Placement
SPAN 1411
Banner Code: 1
120+Place into Section 2
Banner Code: 1
20-19SPAN 1412
Banner Code: 2
220+Place into Section 3
Banner Code: 2
30-19SPAN 2311
Banner Code: 4
320+SPAN 2312* & Place into Section 4
Banner Code: 5
40-19SPAN 2313
Banner Code: 6
420+SPAN 2315
Banner Code: 7
*Non‐native speakers who place into SPAN 2313 or SPAN 2315 can register into SPAN 2312 as an option


Authorization_to_Retrieve_Scores_Cross_Institutional.pdfAuthorization to Retrieve Scores Cross Institutional
Distance_Testing_Process.pdfDistance Testing Process
Dual_Credit_and_Early_College_Course_Placement_Rules.pdfDual Credit and Early College Course Placement Rules
TSI_Referral.pdfTSI Referral