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Students may request a refund through the Tuition Office at the Valle Verde Campus. Refunds are determined and calculated according to the Tuition Refund Schedule below. Refunds do not include non-refundable fees. Percentage of refund is based on total tuition and fees assessed, NOT on amount paid.


Tuition and fees eligible for refund and paid directly to the College by a sponsor, donor, or scholarship will be refunded to the source rather than to the student. Federal Financial Aid students will be liable for the full amount of all tuition and fees even if they never attended classes or for the difference of any prorated refund. It is mandatory for Federal Financial Aid students to set up Direct deposit.

All Tuition refunds are checks which will be mailed to your address currently on file with the College within 30 working days after the refund is processed. It is recommended that you keep your address and phone number up to date. If your account is set up for Direct Deposit, the refund check will be deposited in the account currently on file.

Refund Schedule