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Solicitations, Plan Holders Lists, Construction Tabs

Current Solicitations

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Upcoming Solicitations

Renovation Services: Rio Grande Campus, Building A, Exterior Window Replacements
Bank Depository Services
District-wide Beverage Vending Services
Third Party Administration for Workers' Compensation

Construction Plan Holders List and Tabulations

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RFCSP 22-012 Construction Proposal Tabulation 091622.pdfRFCSP 22-012 Construction Proposal Tabulation 0916229/16/2022
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RFCSP 22-012 Plan Holders List 091222.pdfRFCSP 22-012 Plan Holders List 0912229/12/2022


Plan holders lists are updated weekly. Construction Proposal tabulations represent unqualified proposal offers as opened and publicly read aloud. The District awards on the basis of “best value” and not necessarily “lowest bid.” Tabulations are available up to 1 month after contract award. If the category is not displayed, then no proposals are posted; in that instance, please check again later.

No Lobbying

All oral and written inquiries or statements regarding a potential contract with the District must be directed through the El Paso County Community College District’s Purchasing & Contract Management Department. Potential vendors to the District are hereby advised that lobbying any District staff, the District’s President, or any member or members of its Board of Trustees is not permitted and will result in disqualification as outlined below.

Lobbying, is defined as any action taken by an individual, firm, associate, joint venture, partnership, syndicate, corporation, or any other individual or group of individuals who seek(s) to influence a governmental decision regarding the award of business in connection with a competitive solicitation.

Lobbying by any vendor or potential vendor to the District, or any individual or group as defined above acting on behalf of a vendor or potential vendor to the District, regarding a current or impending solicitation advertised or to be advertised by the District, including Requests for Proposals (RFP’s), Requests for Qualifications (RFQ’s) and Requests for Competitive Sealed Proposals (RFCSP’s), will result in the rejection and disqualification of that vendor’s offer. All RFP’s, RFQ’s and RFCSP’s advertised or to be advertised can be found on this page.