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Statement on DACA From President William Serrata

September 5, 2017

I stand with educational leaders across the country – and Congressional, state, business, and community leaders from both parties – who believe that the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is in the best interest of students so that they can continue their education and contribute to our community and our nation.

Last month, the American Council on Education sent a letter to President Trump asking him to continue his promise to allow “productive and high achieving individuals continue to work, study and contribute to our great country.” This letter was signed by the American Association of Community Colleges, the Association of Community College Trustees, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and many others. The consensus of many in the higher education community is that since the DACA program was enacted in 2012 there have been positive impacts as these students actively contribute to our nation.

At EPCC, we will continue to assess the results of these changes and keep our community informed. Our students should know that they are welcome here. All students, including those here as part of the DACA program, contribute to a rich and diverse campus and have the potential to contribute to our region and nation. EPCC will continue to provide affordable, high quality education to students from our community and region. We value the experiences and multiple perspectives that diverse students bring to our campuses. EPCC is committed to doing everything we can, within the law, to help young people move their lives forward.

DACA Updates & Information

El Paso Community College is aware that DACA was rescinded effective 9/5/2017. Congress has a six-month window to replace DACA with new legislation. We realize that this may be a troubling and uncertain time for our students, employees and community.

Our Commitment

EPCC is committed to supporting all of our students’ journeys to pursue their education and achieve their dreams. We stand with you and support you. We will work with our community partners and Congressional representatives to share the importance of supporting success for all students, regardless of national origin. The repeal of DACA will not change our commitment to you and our mission and vision to educate all students in our region.

You are Valued and Welcome

Your well-being is important – especially during uncertain and stressful times. We have counselors on staff who can discuss any concerns you may have. Please call Oscar R. Velasquez, District Wide Counselor Coordinator if you would like to speak to someone.

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