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As a result of data reported in the 2020 census, boundaries of EPCC’s elective districts needed to be redrawn in response to changes in population. The goal of redistricting is to ensure that the population of the trustee districts is roughly proportionate so one group’s vote isn’t devalued over another based-on population differences. In the Fall of 2022, EPCC underwent a redistricting process in order to get public input to address these population changes.

Public Redistricting Committee

After an open call for applications for individuals to serve on the Public Redistricting Committee, the Board of Trustees announced a committee at a Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees on October 5, 2022. The committee meetings will be open to the public and posted on this page once dates are selected.

Public Redistricting Hearing

On November 29, 2022 the Board of Trustees of the El Paso County Community College District held a Public Hearing on Redistricting Proposals. At this meeting, the Public Redistricting Committee Presented its report and recommendations as well as provided an opportunity for public comment. The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve the Public Redistricting Committee's recommendation.

Members of the Public Redistricting Committee

Dr. Cynthia Renteria, Chair

Emma Acosta
Paul Arciniega
Daniel Bueno Jr.
Brandon Burt
Joshua Carter Guerra

Julian Hita
Wesley Lawrence
Raul Lerma
Inocente Quintanilla
George Ybarra

The Public Redistricting Committee was initially convened on October 12th. The committee held working sessions to review maps and discuss proposals on October 19, 21, 27, and November 2, 16, 2022.

Redistricting Community Forums for Public Comment

The Public Redistricting Committee held Community Forums at all campuses district-wide for the community to offer feedback on proposed maps. Please click the link to watch the presentation offered at each campus.

The public is invited to offer feedback on the proposed maps by submitting the comment form.

Public Comment Form


Handout_01_EPCC_Public_Input PPT.pdfHandout 01 EPCC Public Input PPT
Handout_02_Initial_Assessment_Map-1.pdfHandout 02 Initial Assessment Map  1
Handout_03_Initial_Assessment_Summary_Total_Population.pdfHandout 03 Initial Assessment Summary Total Population
Handout_04_Initial_Assessment_Summary_Voting_Age_Population.pdfHandout 04 Initial Assessment Summary Voting Age Population
Handout_05_Plan_A_Total_Population_Summary.pdfHandout 05 Plan A Total Population Summary
Handout_06_Plan_A_Voting_Age_Population_Summary.pdfHandout 06 Plan A Voting Age Population Summary
Handout_07_Plan_A_Map_Trustee_Districts.pdfHandout 07 Plan A Map Trustee Districts
Handout_08_Plan_A_Map.pdfHandout 08 Plan A Map
Handout_08_Plan_B_Total_Population_Summary.pdfHandout 09 Plan B Total Population Summary
Handout_09_Plan_B_Voting_Age_Population_Summary.pdfHandout 10 Plan B Voting Age Population Summary
Handout_10_Plan_B_Map_Trustee_Districts.pdfHandout 11 Plan B Map Trustee Districts
Handout_12_Plan_B_Map.pdfHandout 12 Plan B Map
Handout_13_Plan_Side_by_Side.jpgHandout 13 Plan Side by Side

Frequently Asked Questions

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Current District Maps & Documents

EPCCDistrict1Map.pdfEPCC District 1 Map
EPCCDistrict2Map.pdfEPCC District 2 Map
EPCCDistrict3Map.pdfEPCC District 3 Map
EPCCDistrict4Map.pdfEPCC District 4 Map
EPCCDistrict5Map.pdfEPCC District 5 Map
EPCCDistrict6Map.pdfEPCC District 6 Map
EPCCDistrict7Map.pdfEPCC District 7 Map
EPCCDistrictsMap.pdfEPCC Districts 1-7 Map
EPCC_Precincts_by_District.pdfEPCC Precincts By District
Redistribución_de_Distritos.pdfRedistribución de Distritos

Legal Framework & Proposed Maps* for Public and Redistricting Committee Review

*Map options will be added to this page as proposals are submitted, maps are in order by date received.

Applicable-Law-Redistricting.pdfApplicable Law for Redistricting
Option-A-Bickerstaff_Proposed-Map.pdfOption A - Bickerstaff
Option-B-Ybarra_Proposed-Map.pdfOption B - Ybarra
Option-C-Lawrence_Proposed-Map.pdfOption C - Lawrence
Option-D-Lawrence_Proposed-Map.pdfOption D - Lawrence
Option-E-Bueno_Proposed-Map.pdfOption E - Bueno
Option-F-Ybarra_Proposed-Map.pdfOption F - Ybarra
Option-G-Lawrence_Proposed-Map.pdfOption G - Lawrence
Option-H-Ybarra.pdfOption H - Ybarra
Option-I-Ybarra.pdfOption I - Ybarra
Option-J-Ybarra.pdfOption J - Ybarra
Option-K-Bueno.pdfOption K - Bueno