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Board Elections

Public Notice

Notice_of_Election.pdfNotice of ElectionApr 2019
Record_of_Posting_Notice_of_Election.pdfRecord of Posting Notice of ElectionApr 2019
Notice_of_Voting_Order_Priority.pdfNotice of Voting Order PriorityApr 2019
Public_Notice_of_Candidate_Drawing_022519.pdfPublic Notice of Candidates' DrawingFeb 2019
Election_Order.pdfElection OrderFeb 2019
Notice_of_Deadline_to_File_Applications_for_Place_on_the_Ballot.pdfNotice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the BallotDec 2018


The EPCC Board of Trustees Election will be held on Saturday May 4, 2019.

The following positions are available: District 4, District 5, District 6.

Voting Stations

EPCC_Election_Day_Polling_Sites.pdfEPCC Election Day Polling Sites REVISEDMar 2019
Early_Voting_Stations.pdfEarly Voting Stations REVISEDMar 2019

District Maps

EPCCDistrict1Map.pdfEPCC District 1 Map
EPCCDistrict2Map.pdfEPCC District 2 Map
EPCCDistrict3Map.pdfEPCC District 3 Map
EPCCDistrict4Map.pdfEPCC District 4 Map
EPCCDistrict5Map.pdfEPCC District 5 Map
EPCCDistrict6Map.pdfEPCC District 6 Map
EPCCDistrict7Map.pdfEPCC District 7 Map
EPCC_Precincts_by_District.pdfEPCC Precincts By District

Election Information

Forms & Guides