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Mr. Brian Haggerty - District 2


Brian Haggerty is a member of the El Paso Community College Board of Trustees. Mr. Haggerty has a long record of public service in El Paso. He was appointed to the EPCC Board of Trustees in 1995 and was later elected to the position in 1996. Since then, he has continued to serve the college as a board member. In 2010, Mr. Haggerty was appointed to serve as Justice of the Peace and was elected as a judge last November 2010. Mr. Haggerty also has extensive experience in the real estate business.

As a Board member Mr. Haggerty is strongly committed to improving education and student living conditions, and as Justice of the Peace, he will dedicate himself to serving the people that visit his court. He is also continuously seeking new programs and ideas to help re- direct and challenge young people who are disoriented and often disenfranchised from their families. Mr. Haggerty has instituted innovative practices and programs that are yielding impressive results.

Brian Haggerty comes from a large family whose public service record is unique and inspiring as various family members have made and continue to make countless contributions to the El Paso community and Texas.

The El Paso native attended Cathedral High School, but left the city for a short time and graduated from Cloudcroft High School in New Mexico. He later earned an associate’s degree from El Paso Community College followed by a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix.

Mr. Brian Haggerty

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

District 2 - Northeast