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Process & Instructions

  1. Read the Preceptor Introduction linked below, containing:
    • Introduction
    • Mission
    • Contact Information
    • Detailed Instructions (Preceptor & CNE)
    • Disclosure Statement
  2. Read the modules that pertain to you.
  3. Complete the corresponding exam and print your certificate.
Preceptor Introduction

Community Health Nursing Modules

Module_1_Community_Health.pdfModule 1, Community Health
Module_2_Community_Health.pdfModule 2, Community Health
Module_3_Community_Health.pdfModule 3, Community Health
Module_4_Community_Health.pdfModule 4, Community Health
Community Health Nursing Exam

Acute Care Nursing Modules

Module_1_Acute_Care.pdfModule 1, Acute Care
Module_2_Acute_Care.pdfModule 2, Acute Care
Module_3_Acute_Care.pdfModule 3, Acute Care
Module_4_Acute_Care.pdfModule 4, Acute Care
Acute Care Nursing Exam

Forms and Evaluations

References for Preceptor Program
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expand School : UTEP ‎(7)