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Placement Testing

We want you to be successful in your college courses so your college placement test is an important first step. The course placement tests will assess your current skill levels in reading, writing, and math (or English language proficiency if you are an ESL student). Your placement test scores will determine which courses you may enroll in at​ EPCC.

Placement Testing

​Test Fees

There are test fees associated with some of our services while others are at no charge. Our fees are always the lowest possible to cover costs of providing the services. Test fees are subject to change without notice.

The Placement test scores are valid for 5 years, ESL test scores are valid for 2 years. The testing fees are valid for four months from date of payment. If you pay for a service and find that you will not be able to take your test, you must request a refund before the four month time period expires. Refund requests made after the four month expiration period will not be considered.

Refund requests are accepted at all campus testing centers and processed according to EPCC refund guidelines and timelines. It is best to be sure that you really need a test before you pay for it.

Acceptable Forms of Photo Identification

  • Current EPCC ID Card
  • Current Texas DPS driver license or ID card
  • Current Passport/US government immigration ID documents
  • Current US military identification card
  • Current out of state issued driver license

State/National Testing

EPCC Testing Services is an official test center for a variety of state and national certification tests. These are administered at the Valle Verde campus Test Center according to the testing schedule specified by each test agency. Contact the individual testing agency directly to learn the schedules, fees and registration process. Once you have registered, the agency will provide you with your reporting information (test date, test location) and any other pertinent information you need to complete your test.

All state and national tests administered by EPCC Testing Services are administered under the most strict test security and procedures specified by the testing agencies. All test rooms are equipped with electronic observation systems to ensure a secure test environment.