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Visit us at any Campus Location

We have test centers at each of our six campuses so there is always a test center near you and helpful, courteous staff waiting to assist you. We look forward to serving and helping you achieve your dream of a college education!

Test Fees

There are test fees associated with some of our services while others are at no charge. Our fees are always the lowest possible to cover costs of providing the services. Test fees are subject to change without notice although we make every effort to announce changes in advance.

The Placement test scores are valid for 5 years. The testing fees are valid for four months from date of payment. If you pay for a service and then find that you will not be able to take your test, you must request a refund before the four month time period expires. Refund requests made after the four month expiration period cannot be considered.

Refund requests are accepted at all campus testing centers and processed according to EPCC refund guidelines and timelines. It is best to be sure that you really need a test before you pay for it.

Good luck on your tests and thanks for letting EPCC Testing Services help you achieve your dream to earn a college degree!

Test Fees (PDF)

State/National Testing

Testing Services is an official test center for a variety of national and state certification tests. These are administered at our Valle Verde campus Test Center according to the test schedule specified by each test agency. You should contact the individual testing agency directly to learn the test schedule, fees and registration process. Once you have registered, the agency will provide you with your reporting information (test date, test location) and any other pertinent information you need to complete your test.

All national and state tests administered by EPCC Testing Services are administered under the most strict test security and procedures specified by the testing agencies. Our testing staff is well versed in all aspects of test administration. All test rooms are equipped with electronic observation systems to insure a secure test environment. Good luck and thank you for letting EPCC Testing Services assist you in completing your certification tests!

Test Information Links:

State/National Tests Websites (PDF)

Instructor Testing

Did you miss a test date in your course or need a chance to retest to improve your course grade? With your instructor's approval, you may take a make-up or re-test in our Instructor Testing Services Centers. We offer this service at all five of our EPCC campuses on a walk in basis during our published operational hours.