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Selection Requirements

An individual is eligible to participate in a Student Support Services Program if the individual:

    • Is a citizen or national of the United States:
    • Is a permanent resident of the United States:
    • Provides evidence from the Immigration and Naturalization Service that he or she is in United States for other than temporary purposes with the intention of becoming a citizen or permanent resident:
    • OR

    • Is a permanent resident of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

    • Is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in the next enrollment period at the grantee institution:

    • Has a need for academic support in order to successfully pursue a post-secondary program
    • AND

    • A low income individual - and individual whose family taxable income did not exceed 150% of the poverty level in the calendar year preceding the year in which the individual participates in the program.
    • A first generation college student - a person neither of whose parents received a bachelors degree
    • OR

    • An individual with a disability - a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual.

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