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Pass Your Way To Success!

The S.S.S Program, a federally-funded TRIO Program, supports the goal of enrollment in and completion of college for students who are low income, first generation, or with disabilities.

The S.S.S. Program is not only here to provide you with tutoring, but we offer many other services which will help you succeed during your college career.

Online Application

Tutoring and Workshops

  • All Math, Reading, English, ESOL, Sciences and many other classes!
  • Time Management
  • Note Taking
  • Math Anxiety
  • Textbook Skills
  • Test Taking and Test Anxiety
  • Writing

Advising Assistance

  • Academic Advising
  • Registration Assistance
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Advising
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Career Guidance
  • Financial Literacy
  • Personal Growth and Development


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Student_Parent_Resource_Guide.pdfStudent Parent Resource Guide