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The National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense provides a strong base in cyber awareness, networking, techniques and tools, problem-solving skills, programming skills, and adversarial thinking experience in applying cyber computing solutions. The program counts core cybersecurity courses to help students specialize in specific cyber areas.

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Program of Study

The Associates in Applied Sciences in Cybersecurity Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) address the Center of Academic Excellence Cyber defense and the ACM CCECC Cybersecurity Curricular Guidance for Associate-Degree Programs to accomplish the El Paso’s region workforce needs, accomplish the nation’s cyber needs, and they recognize the international and global impacts.

The Program Educational Objectives are:

  • Assess and respond appropriately to risks, cyber defense threats and security design principles, which can affect the expected operation of information systems.
  • Investigate current and emerging cyber threats and incorporate best practices to mitigate them.
  • Apply appropriate countermeasures to help protect organizational resources based on an understanding of how cyber threat actors think and operate.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in operating systems in a secured virtualized lab environment.
  • Implement algorithms to solve a cyber-based computational problem by using scripting/programming techniques.


The National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense will provide the student with access state of art lab environment to perform labs in cybersecurity that will allow the student to master skills that are in demand in the industry. Students will learn concepts and strategies to master Networking and Security skills required in today's security workforce.


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Network devices for Cisco Academy training as well as servers, computers, will allow the student to create various scenarios to gain the ability to gain a deeper understanding for network defenses.

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El Paso Community College counts on student leadership and organizations that help promote cybersecurity education, activities, and experiential learning.

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