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Institute for Customer Service Excellence

The Institute for Customer Service Excellence (ICSE) is a dedicated community resource and skills development/certification center which recruits, trains, assesses, and administers internet-based certification exams. The Institute can also customize customer service workshops tailored to meet business and industry needs. The ICSE goals are:

  • To build a continuum of training, education, and support services for career advancement and long-term success in retail and other customer service-related industries.
  • To engage employers and link them with the Workforce Investment System, local organizations, and businesses to meet their hiring, training, and workforce development needs.
  • To provide tools for area residents to succeed in the workplace.

The Institute prepares participants with industry-driven knowledge and skills needed to work in customer-service oriented positions such as hospitality, shopping malls, airlines, banks, tourism, entertainment, call centers, hospitals, restaurants, and more. The courses offered are:

  • Enhancing Your Customer Service Skills
  • Introduction to Customer Service

Also, we provide online assessments for internal and external customers for professional certifications. These certifications create opportunities for participants and graduates to pursue a career path in customer service by obtaining the following certifications through the National Retail Federation Foundation RISEUP:

  • Retail Industry Fundamentals Specialist
  • Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist
  • Business of Retail Certified Specialist

For more information on the certifications, please visit the NRF Foundations RISE Up website at NRF Foundation - RISE Up.

Other Services

In partnership with SCANTRON, we provide several internet-based certification exams such as Personal Trainer, National Interpreter, Nursing, Engineering, and others. For more information on the exams offered through SCANTRON, please visit the website at Scantron Assessment Solutions