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Library Protocols and Guidelines

Library Protocols and Guidelines

Library Acceptable Use Computer Policy

Use of College computers and networks is governed by the El Paso Community College Procedure CR-2 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

It should be understood that nothing in these guidelines precludes enforcement under the laws and regulations of the State of Texas, any municipality or county therein, and/or the United States of America.

All who use the College’s computing and information resources must:

  • act responsibly.
  • be responsible for the integrity of these resources.
  • respect the rights of other computing users. Intentional display or distribution of obscene or
  • pornographic materials is illegal as per Texas Penal Code Section 43.22
  • respect the integrity of the physical facilities and controls.
  • respect all pertinent license and contractual agreements.

It is the policy of El Paso Community College that all members of its community act in accordance with these responsibilities, relevant laws and contractual obligations, and the highest standard of ethics.

Misuse of Computing and Information Resource Privileges

Examples may include but not be limited to:

  • unauthorized computer or network access.
  • disrupting others’ computer use by:
  • game playing; excessive message sending, excessive printing.
  • modifying system facilities, operating systems, or disk partitions.
  • attempting to crash or tie up a College computer.
  • damaging or vandalizing College computing facilities, equipment, software, or computer files

Violations of these procedures may result in administrative and/or criminal actions. Such administrative action may include, but not be limited to:

  • inspecting any files or programs in question.
  • suspending or restricting the computing privileges of the violator.