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EPCC Cares is a mental health support program exclusively for active EPCC students and co-habitants. Our services include individual, group, family, and couples counseling, available in-person or virtually. Therapy sessions run for 8 weeks and are entirely free of charge. We also offer referrals to community agencies.


Our mission is to provide quality mental health services, to promote wellness, and to empower EPCC students.


EPCC Cares will provide high quality mental health individual and group therapeutic services in an environment that supports student unique individual, cultural and demographic needs. It will provide an opportunity for Social Work, Health Occupations, and Counseling students across the region with internships and trainings.

Who is Eligible?

  • Active EPCC students
  • Spouse, co-habitants, and family members of eligible student when student is primary. (Plus one does not need to attend EPCC)

Who is not Eligible?

  • Students who withdraw from EPCC
  • Students who receive treatment outside of EPCC
  • Students in need of court mandated counseling
  • Substance use counseling (Can provide a community referral)