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YWCA Child Care Development Centers

The El Paso Community College YWCA Early Learning Academy is open to the community, faculty, and staff, offering services Monday through Friday. In the event of the college closing due to weather-related reasons, the on-campus child care centers will also be closed. Evening child care may be available; please contact us for further details.

Child Care Assistance is available for students who qualify

The El Paso Community College Financial Aid Office, working in conjunction with the YWCA, facilitates student educational achievement by assisting qualified students with child care costs. Some students may qualify for up to 75% coverage. Students in need of these services may apply for child care financial assistance to offset child care costs while pursuing a degree. Services are available from YWCA Facilities.

Holiday and Break Program

Child care services for students in the program starts on the first day of class and expires on the last day of class. Applicable to all types of semesters. Child care is provided during school breaks if the YWCA facility is open and has available slots. For more information on the YWCA Early Learning Academy, please visit YWCA El Paso.