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Accounts Payable FAQs

If you have any further questions about ACH Vendor Payment, contact Accounts Payable.

expand Question : After I apply for ACH Vendor Payment, how soon can I expect to participate?  ‎(1)
expand Question : Is my payment safe? ‎(1)
expand Question : The District will transmit payment information AND invoice information (in the form of “addenda” information) to the vendor’s banks. What happens if my bank statement does not break down the invoices paid by the District? ‎(1)
expand Question : What do I do if for some reason my payment is not deposited into my account?  ‎(1)
expand Question : What do I need to do?  ‎(1)
expand Question : What happens if I change financial institutions and/or accounts?  ‎(1)
expand Question : What if I want my payment to be forwarded to a financial institution outside the United States?  ‎(1)
expand Question : What is ACH Vendor Payment?  ‎(1)
expand Question : What steps should I take to assure that my payment is deposited to my account?  ‎(1)
expand Question : When will my payment be deposited in my account? ‎(1)
expand Question : Who is eligible for ACH Vendor Payment?  ‎(1)