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Level 1

CSME 1505 Fundamentals of Cosmetology

This course is an introduction to the cosmetology industry and the basic services cosmetologists perform. Coursework covers the history of cosmetology opportunities within the industry, rules and regulations set forth by the state, sanitation procedures, communication skills, and professional image. The course also includes anatomy and physiology, the basics of chemistry and electricity. Another segment of the course will be properties of hair and scalp, shampooing, haircutting with basic angles, hairstyling, hair coloring chemistry, and basic applications. Your training will also include skin structure, hair removal and basic facials to include make-up application.

CSME 1553 Chemical Reformation

This course includes chemical texture services such as permanent waving and chemical hair relaxing. Product chemistry and application, safety and sanitation precautions are applied in this course.

CSME 1443 Manicuring and Related Theory

This course provides training in basic nail care and a variety of manicuring services with knowledge of nail disorders and diseases, also products and procedures used in pedicuring.

Level 2

CSME 1430 Orientation to Nail Technology

This course focuses on providing nail Enhancements to include tips, wraps, sculpting, and gel nails using the latest in products and technology.

CSME 1447 Principles of Skin Care/Facials

This course takes students a step further in facial treatments and skin care; students are trained in the use of the latest in facial machines and skin care products and procedures.

CSME 2410 Advanced Haircutting

This course takes basic haircutting to a new level by using a variety of cutting tools like clippers, razors, and texturing shears. Up to date techniques are implemented and practiced to include anatomy of face and head shape for the perfect haircut.

CSME 2401 Principles of Hair Coloring

The course of hair coloring will enable the student to use their own creative abilities. The focus of this course is Law of Color and the application of Dimensional Color to enhance any hairstyle. Course objective is foil placement and creativity. The student will also work with a large variety of top professional products from well-known manufacturers.

Level 3

CSME 2337 Advanced Cosmetology Techniques

This course emphasizes detail to hairstyling by training students in hair extensions, braiding, and up-do styling for evening wear or special events. The student will also receive training in special effects and theatrical make-up applications using top quality products.

CSME 2439 Advanced Hair Design

The main focus of this course is to prepare the students for salon success by business planning, resume writing, and interview training. We offer a job fair with reputable Salon’s in the area for interviews.

CSME 2541 Preparation for State Exam

This final course will prepare the student to take the state exam with ease and confidence by practicing the exam procedures until they are performed correctly and a mock licensing exam is passed. In addition to the courses we offer, our students have the privilege to work on clients in the second and third level of training. Students are also trained in customer service to include appointment scheduling and cash register. We offer a well rounded background in Cosmetology, which in addition gives our students a great working knowledge of all the major areas and techniques in the Cosmetology field. You owe it to yourself to get the type of training that allows you to work anywhere you want to work.