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Phlebotomy, sometimes referred to as Venipuncture, is concerned with the drawing of blood for use in blood tests and collection. Phlebotomists are trained to work in hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities, often working alongside nurses and doctors in dealing with patients. A career in phlebotomy requires certification and training in how to use needles, vacuum tubes, and syringes.According to an annual report from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, phlebotomists are in high demand. In fact, the report on a variety of medical occupations states that as vacancies increase, phlebotomists continue to be the most difficult day shift to fill. Phlebotomy Technician CourseThe Phlebotomy course at El Paso Community College prepares students for the practice of phlebotomy and provides an understanding of the role of the phlebotomist in the health care system. Students will gain an understanding of medical terminology, safety and legal issues, various related physiological systems, laboratory tests, and various related physiological systems, laboratory tests, and specimen handling. Students will become competent in performing venipuncture and dermal puncture and other methods of collecting clinical specimens. Admission RequirementsStudents must be 17 years old by the first day of classCurrent CPR (American Heart Association Healthcare Provider)Tested 10th grade reading levelPhysical exam by a licensed US physician or nurse practitionerProof of measles, tetanus, and hepatitis B immunizationsNegative TB testNegative TB test Background Clearance Drug Screen