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The PREP Program’s purpose is to help the student PREPare for college by helping students improve their college placement scores. PREP offers computerized assisted tutorials that aid the student in refreshing their Math, Reading, and Writing skills. This can help the student reduce the amount of time in Developmental Education courses and by helping students meet specialized admissions requirements for programs such as Health Occupations, Fire Technology, Cosmetology and so many more.

Do you need PREP's help?

Answer the following three questions.

  • Do you need to take the TSI Placement test to get into EPCC? OR Did you take the placement test and score into a 0300 developmental education course?
  • Do you think you can score higher with some tutoring?
  • Do you want to save time and money by exiting developmental education courses?

If you answered yes to all three, come see PREP.

Who benefits from PREP?

How to get PREPared

  • Meet with your advisor to develop the best plan for you.
    • You may need to take an assessment in Math, Reading and Writing, depending on which areas you need to test or retest in.

If you need to take the Assessment, this will be done at the campus of your choice.

  • If you need help in all areas (math, reading and writing) the assessment may take up to three hours.
  • Math may take approximately 1 hour
  • Reading may take approximately 45 minutes
  • Writing may take approximately 1 hour
  • Time may vary depending on how you take test

Once you have finished your assessment, your advisor will review your results with you.

Your advisor will assign you tutorials that are specific to your needs. We will assign you a username for you to start your tutoring (all is computer based). Depending on the tutorials your advisor assigns to you and depending on the individual's pace, this is how long you have to work on your tutorials.

Once you have finished all tutorials, it is time to test or retest!