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Policies & Procedures

Board Policies

El Paso Community College policies are currently under review by the Board of Trustees and will eventually be removed from the EPCC website. Former EPCC policies that have been replaced by a Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) policy reside only on the TASB website within the EPCC TASB portal which is accessible via the following link:

Board Policy Manual

College Procedures

Use the search box below to search procedures for certain language, information or key words (e.g., tenure, dual credit, hiring, grades):

TASB Procedures

College Procedures that have been re-labeled to align with TASB policies are listed below.

expand TASB Section : A. Basic District Foundations ‎(6)
expand TASB Section : B. Local Governance ‎(3)
expand TASB Section : C. Business and Support Services ‎(57)
expand TASB Section : D. Personnel ‎(68)
expand TASB Section : E. Instruction ‎(35)
expand TASB Section : F. Students ‎(31)
expand TASB Section : G. Community and Governmental Relations ‎(29)

Numbered Policies & Procedures

collapse Section : III. Human Resources ‎(1)
collapse Section : IV. Financial Services ‎(1)