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College Support Corequisite courses provide students an opportunity to begin college-level courses their first semester, which data shows positively impacts their long-term success. There are various courses at EPCC that have corequisite requirements. For example, many science classes have labs. The labs help enhance students’ learning in the course and vice versa. College Support Corequisite courses do the same thing, enhancing student learning in reading, writing, or math, depending on how they scored on their Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

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Benefits of taking these courses:

  • College Support Corequisite course formats allow students to enroll in a credit course while having a support course that provides additional learning opportunities, supplements course content, and helps students build the skills they need to master course objectives.
  • Many of these courses are taught by the same faculty member allowing students more interaction with their instructor and time with their classmates.
  • By taking Corequisite Support Courses simultaneously with credit courses, students can start completing courses required for their degree, their first semester.

Depending on your Texas Success Initiative (TSI) score in reading, writing or math, you will be placed into a college-credit course along with a corequisite support course.

Corequisite Support CourseCollege Level Course*
Math 0305Math 1314 or 1324
Math 0404Math 1342
INRW 0311English 1301
INRW 0312History 1301 or 1302; Speech 1315 or 1321; Biology 1306; Government 2305 & others