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Philosophic Dialogues from La Frontera is an El Paso Community College (EPCC)-TV/PBS initiative and is supported by the EPCC-University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Humanities Collaborative of the Mellon Foundation. Our goal is to share the fun of the big questions from the US-Mexico border.

Philosophic Dialogues from La Frontera intentionally asks questions such as “what is La Frontera?” “What does it mean to be in dialogue with an other?” “What are the borders between Philosophy and Science, Literature and Politics? We believe dialogue is essential for healthy relationships, a healthy community, and a healthy democracy. We aim to provide a space where our audience, community members, and students can learn about being in dialogue with others, even when we disagree, because just as El Paso/Juarez is a border culture between the Mexican and the US American cultures, it is possible to learn from our differences, be enriched by them, and move forward together.

Philosophic Dialogues from La Frontera - Student Edition

The Student Edition of the show features student-led dialogues since living on the border lends itself naturally to thinking philosophically. The Student Edition also facilitates the transition of EPCC students to UTEP by giving students the opportunity to connect to faculty who help students to better understand their field of interest.

Student Edition Videos/Podcasts