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In today’s media environment, a college graduate is expected to already have some sort of professional experience in the media field. New employees are expected to hit the ground running. Students have the opportunity to participate in several activities that will gain them experience here at EPCC.

Service Hours

Service Hours are offered and those who complete them will have the added benefit of hands on work experience and seeing some of their work published, produced or aired. This is work that can be added to a student’s resume portfolio which can assist them when seeking an internship in the mass media industries.


The Mass Communication Colloquia is a speaker series where Mass Communication professionals come to campus to speak with students about their professional background and career trajectory and to offer advice to students who are just starting their academic journey and professional career.


  • Dangerous Radio: Dangerous Radio provides opportunities for EPCC students to learn their way around a radio operating board. NOTE: Music on Dangerous Radio may be uncensored.

  • Pulse: The purpose of EPCC Pulse Radio station is to promote excellence in broadcast radio and encourage students to excel in the field of Mass Communication.

  • Tejano Tribune: The Tejano Tribune is the student-run newspaper for El Paso Community College.