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The mission of the Intensive English Program under the EPCC Language Institute is to successfully prepare students and professionals to acquire English proficiency to meet their personal, academic and career goals. We are committed to offer classes in a dynamic, multicultural and effective environment with the most innovative, supportive resources imparted by highly qualified and competent faculty members.

Why IEP?

Low Cost

Students in our program do not qualify for financial aid. You will find that our program has the most reasonable price per course. In our Academic Track and Intensive programs students may take up to six cycles in one year. Each cycle lasts seven weeks.

Small Classes

Our classes range between 12 - 27 students. We provide friendly, student-centered classrooms. We offer six levels of classes, from beginning to high-advanced.


Students are not required to take the TOEFL or the SAT to place into our program. Instead students need to take a placement test to determine which class they will be taking. Students are placed into the proficiency level which corresponds with their performance on the program’s placement test, Compass.

College Readiness

Our Academic Program is designed for students who plan to enter an American college or University. Upon completion of Level VI our students do not need to take the TOEFL test if they plan to pursue a career at El Paso Community College. They only need to take our college placement test (ACCUPLACER Exam) in order to place into credit classes.

Experienced Faculty

We have more than 20 years teaching English language learners. Our Intensive English Program has friendly, professional, and dedicated faculty. We have more than 40 qualified instructors in our program that have extensive teaching experience.