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Are you interested in pursuing an engineering degree? If so, consider applying to the new EPCC | UTEP Engineering Academy where you can pursue a degree in civil, industrial, materials, electrical or mechanical engineering. You’ll take classes at both institutions, earning your associate’s degree at EPCC and completing your bachelor’s at UTEP. Be a part of a vibrant community, a cohort of peers and gain access to resources from both institutions that will guide you toward success.

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The EPCC|UTEP Engineering Academy provides:

  • Study engineering with one aligned curriculum, which ensures you can take advantage of the academic experiences and supports offered at both institutions,
  • Dual enrollment with aligned schedules – take classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at EPCC and Tuesday/Thursday at UTEP while learning from highly experienced professors,
  • Specialized admission and support to guide you throughout the program,
  • Access to financial aid, scholarships and grants,
  • Math enrichment bootcamps are available for students who need to prepare for pre-calculus and calculus courses prior to starting the program, with continued academic support during the academy,
  • Classroom and extracurricular activities that give you opportunities to acquire hands-on skills and career preparation by participating in research, engineering design competitions and apprenticeships.

Benefits include:

  • Taking the same classes with a cohort of your peers
  • Interacting with students and faculty from EPCC and UTEP
  • Building connections with employers in the Engineering industry
  • Participating in research opportunities as an undergraduate student
  • Receiving excellent and affordable education from two nationally recognized institutions.