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The senior adult program provides and promotes educational and cultural opportunities and support services to improve the quality of life of senior adults in our diverse community. The program assists senior citizens 55 and older with personal enrichment classes or prepares them for employment if considering re-entering into the workforce.

Culture Program

The program sponsors cultural programs and events, musical shows, celebrations, arts festivals and conferences for older adults throughout the year.

Activities Provided for the Community

  • Mature Living Television Show (EPCC-TV Cable 14, KCOS-TV 13/Cable 12)
  • Seniors Love Conference (February)
  • Concierto de las Americas (April)
  • Arts Festival Event (April)
  • Grandparents Day Celebration (September)
  • Homenaje a la Mujer Hispana Awards (October)
  • Seniors Navidad on the Border Show (December)
  • Seniors Revive Reading Project- Literacy Classes

Networking and Volunteerism

Through the networking and volunteer experience, seniors gain new opportunities to become employed, serve the community as volunteers, enjoy our programs and learn new things while meeting new people in our classes.

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