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The Motorcycle Rider Course is a beginner to intermediate safety course designed to develop and enhance basic riding skills. The Experienced Motorcycle Rider Course is intended for students who have completed the basic course and have at least six months of motorcycle riding experience.

Think of it as Motorcycling 101

Sign up for the basic course if you haven't had much riding experience or if you've never ridden at all. If you're under 18, you have to take the course to get a motorcycle driver's license. You learn to make your motorcycle perform like an extension of yourself. By the end of the course, we'll be challenging your skills at the two-year rider level. The best part is you don't even need a helmet or a motorcycle. We provide them for you.

Motorcycling at the Graduate Level

The advanced course is for experienced riders only. You work with other riders like yourself. Also, since advanced students use their own motorcycles, you'll see all types of bikes, from cruisers to sport bikes to touring machines.

No matter how long you've been riding, the advanced course is tough enough to challenge your skills. You learn high-speed maneuvering, quick swerving and avoidance techniques, counter steering, traction control, and emergency braking for curves and slippery surfaces. Skills you can use whether you're touring cross-country or just riding down to the corner store.

Both Motorcycle Rider Course and the Experienced Motorcycle Rider Course are offered on weekends at the Mission Del Paso Campus in East El Paso.

Three Wheel Motorcycle Rider Course

Pick up the basics and acquire confidence in handling a 3-wheel vehicle in a safe environment under the supervision of a certified instructor. Students interested in the three wheel motorcycle rider course must register and pay online through the Can-Am Website.

Required Items

Basic Rider Courses: Basic Motorcycle Rider students must pick up an E-Course packet at the Law Enforcement Training Academy prior to their anticipated class and MUST complete the E-Course. Students must bring Certificate of Completion from E-Course to first day of class. Helmet and motorcycle provided.
Experienced Rider Courses: Use your helmet and motorcycle.

Mandatory Items:

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants no holes
  • Over the ankle boots
  • Eye protection (sunglasses or clear safety glasses)
  • Full fingered gloves

Optional Items:

  • Sun screen
  • Something to drink
  • Snacks
  • We do have a refrigerator if you wish to bring a brown bag for lunch.