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We aren’t the only ones who are excited to share the story of EPCC’s 50th Anniversary. Click on the links below to see the news stories that have been produced about this important milestone:

KINT Channel 26: Gradúan Estudiantes de EPCC12/13/2019
EPCC culmina celebraciones de su 50 aniversario con la graduación de otoño de sus alumnos.
El Paso Herald Post: EPCC Graduates to Be Honored as Part of School’s 50th Anniversary.12/8/2019
This news article highlights that EPCC's December graduation is part of the college's 50th Anniversary and features Senator Joe Christie as the Commencement Speaker.
West Texas County Courier: EPCC Runners Repeat as National Champs11/28/2019
This cover picture and caption feature the EPCC Tejanos and celebrates their first place finish at the NJCAA Half Marathon Championships.
El Paso Herald Post: EPCC, El Paso Sports Commission, hosts the NJCAA National Half Marathon Championships11/20/2019
This staff report gives details about attending the NJCAA Half Marathon Championships.
Tejano Tribune: Cheplak named national athlete of the week11/5/2019
This staff report is about Cheplak's contributions to the EPCC Tejanos and being named Cross Country Athlete of the Week by the NJCAA. It also mentions the upcoming NJCAA Half Marathon Championships.
El Paso Herald Post: EPCC Tejano Gideon Cheplak named National Athlete of the Week10/30/2019
This article discusses Gideon Cheplak's winning record, being named Athlete of the Week and the upcoming NJCAA Half Marathon Championships.
KTSM Channel 9: ‘Shakespeare On The Rocks’ Returns For 31st Year.9/29/2019
Information is given about how to attend this year's "Shakespeare on the Rocks" in this online article.
El Paso Inc.: Photos from the EPCC Gala.7/5/2019
Photos taken at the EPCC 50th Anniversary Gala by "El Paso Inc." were included in this Lifestyle section of the publication.
El Paso Inc.: Q&A with William Serrata, President, El Paso Community College6/30/2019
This article features an interview of Dr. Serrata with questions about EPCC's legacy and the vision for its future.
El Paso Inc.: Former El Paso Senator Remembers EPCC Founding Community College Commemorates Its 50th Anniversary.6/30/2019
This piece focuses on former Senator Joe Christie and the integral role he had in founding El Paso Community College.
El Diario de El Paso: Celebra EPCC su 50 Aniversario6/30/2019
EPCC celebró su 50 aniversario ‘Honrando el pasado y construyendo el futuro’ con un evento de gala en sus instalaciones.
KVIA Channel 7: EPCC Featured in El Paso Inc.6/29/2019
This brief clip lets viewers know that EPCC President Serrata is featured in this week's publication of "El Paso Inc."
The El Paso Times: EPCC Celebrates 50 Years Since El Paso Voted to Create Junior College District6/28/2019
This feature story covers the founding of EPCC, its explosive growth, contributions to the El Paso region and plans for the future.
KTSM Channel 9: EPCC Celebrates 50 Years6/28/2019
In honor of EPCC's 50th Anniversary, a news package featuring an interview with former Senator Joe Christie, who helped get the funding to establish El Paso Community College.
KTSM Channel 9: Live Report and Interview from EPCC's 50th Anniversary Gala6/28/2019
EPCC alum Monica Cortez reports live from EPCC's 50th Anniversary Gala and interviews President Dr. Serrata.
El Paso Herald-Post: 50 Years of Excellence Celebrated at EPCC Gala6/28/2019
This article gives an overview of EPCC's history and highlights as well as featuring images from its 50th Anniversary Gala.
KINT Channel 26: EPCC Celebra 50 Años6/28/2019
El Paso Community College se encuentra celebrando sus primeras cinco (5) décadas
KVIA Channel 7: Former Senator Joe Christie is interviewed about the founding of EPCC6/27/2019
This online news article also features the studio interview that Stephanie Valle did with former Senator Joe Christie talks about how El Paso Community College was founded.
KTDO Channel 48: Ex Senador Joe Christie Visita Exposición de EPCC6/27/2019
El Ex senador Joe Christie visita la exposición de EPCC en el Museo de Historia de El Paso.
KFOX Channel 14: Dr. William Serrata is interviewed by John Purvis about the 50th Anniversary Gala6/24/2019
EPCC President, Dr. William Serrata, joined KFOX14 anchor John Purvis live in the studio to discuss the community college's first 50 years, what's next, and how it plans to celebrate its golden anniversary with a gala on June 28, 2019.
KVIA Channel 7: Dr. William Serrata is interviewed by Stephanie Valle6/24/2019
Stephanie Valle interviews Dr. William Serrata, EPCC President, about EPCC's 50th Anniversary and planned gala.
El Paso Herald-Post: Video Interview and Article6/18/2019
This video interview and with Chef Daniel Guerra and Dr. Dolores Gross and news article highlights the upcoming 50th Anniversary Gala
KDBC Channel 4: 50th Anniversary Gala Interview6/6/2019
Chef Patrick Rosser and Dolores Gross talk about the plans for the 50th Anniversary Gala.
EPCC Holds 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala6/6/2019
This article shares the invitation and ticket information forthe 50th anniversary celebration.
KVIA Channel 7: 50th Anniversary Gala Interview6/5/2019
This interview with Dr. Dolores Gross and Chef Daniel Guerra highlights the 50th Anniversary Celebration Gala on June 28, 2019.
El Diario de El Paso: Viaja EPCC en el Tiempo4/21/2019
Un artículo de El Diario de El Paso destaca la inauguración de la exposición de “Honrando el Pasado, Construyendo el Futuro” donde se resalta la historia de EPCC
El Paso Inc.: EPCC’s 50th Birthday at Museum of History4/19/2019
This feature article on the El Paso Inc. website tells readers the 50th Anniversary Exhibition at the Museum of History.
KINT Channel 26: Recepción de Inauguración en el Museo de Historia4/18/2019
La cobertura de Univisión muestra un fragmento de la historia de EPCC por su 50º aniversario en el Museo de Historia de El Paso.
El Paso Herald-Post: El Paso Museum of History hosts EPCC Anniversary Exhibition.4/15/2019
The article gives an overview of an exhibition at the El Paso Museum of History about El Paso Community College.
El Diario: Realiza EPCC Feria De La Salud Y Escolar4/7/2019
El Diario de El Paso promueve el 50 aniversario de EPCC y como la institución recibe a la comunidad en sus instalaciones bajo un ambiente completamente familiar.
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