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Established in 1969, El Paso Community College (EPCC) is celebrating 50 years of improving our community through educational attainment. From the College’s humble beginnings with an enrollment of 901 students and classroom space in the barracks of Ft Bliss’ Logan Heights, EPCC has grown to serve more than one million students and has awarded over 80,000 Degrees and Certificates. EPCC has had a lasting, positive impact that from its founding has responded to the region’s needs.

We are proud of all that we have accomplished in our first 50 years and are excited to continue our legacy of stability and longevity far into the future. We are serving the next generation of students through our Dual Credit programs, which offer college credit to high school students, and can be found in every area school district. Our 12 Early College High Schools, where students can complete an Associate Degree while they’re still in high school, are tremendously successful and boast a nearly 75% graduation rate, which is double the national average. To ensure our students are receiving the best education possible, we are expanding with new buildings or additional facilities at all five of our campuses. These are just a few of the examples of how EPCC is building the future.

In addition to the many events and programs we host for our students and the community every year, we’re commemorating our first fifty years through four 50th Anniversary signature events. Join us at these events as we celebrate our past, our success and as we look towards a bright future where El Paso Community College continues to improve the lives of our students and our entire region.

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