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The Pasos Program brings together motivated educators and a community that view our location, population, and stories as assets to student success. Pasos is dedicated to advancing our US/Mexico border community through family engagement, equity in the classroom, inclusion, and social justice. We will increase civic engagement through educational, creative projects, service learning, and community activism.

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  • Cariño In the classroom - Embracing Cariño In the Classroom is a half-day interactive faculty training that takes place each semester. It features Pasos faculty and community guest speakers. The topics often focus on active student engagement, creating a supportive classroom, and connecting what students are learning to relevant community issues.
  • Thrive - Thrive provides students with monthly success workshops during the Fall and Spring semesters. Thrive workshops target themes that impact students outside of the classroom and provide students with skills for college, career, and life.
  • Pasos Journal - In this publication the wonderful work of our students is showcased. Through their words, art and photos we catch a glimpse into the talent that is our community’s pride.
  • High School Outreach - In partnership with EPCC's Dual Credit Program, Faculty will engage Pasos high school students in writing workshops to submit their work in the Pasos Journal an annual publication of students' poems, short stories and artwork.
  • College of the Community - Pasos members work together to organize events that engage students with the community.
  • Student and Family Engagement - Family friendly engaging events outside of the classroom, including community service, enrichment workshops, and/or community events.
  • Community Caring - partner with a local non-profit for the academic year and organize volunteer opportunities including a Faculty-Students Day of Caring.
  • Pasos Scholarship - team members work together to raise funds for student scholarships.
  • Oral History Project - team members identify stories that we must preserve and share, that celebrate our location and population.
Pasos Journal