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If you are thinking about continuing your education or completing your high school diploma but are hesitant or insecure because you have not been in school for a long time, let us help you get ready and move forward!

Our courses are created to support adult learners taking the first step toward a GED, English language learning or basic skill development in reading, writing and math. Students who complete our courses develop strong foundational skills (math, reading and writing skills) that facilitate transition, persistence and completion of postsecondary education.

Our team of experienced faculty and staff will support students through the process of applying to EPCC, help with the registration of class, and most importantly, mentor students who will transition into credit courses to earn a certificate or associate degree.

Who can benefit at this center?

  • Second Language Learners (ESL) transitioning into academic courses who need to improve their reading, writing and math
  • Adult learners who want to come back to college and do not know where and how to start
  • Adults who need preparation classes to earn the Texas High School Equivalency certificate (GED) before pursuing additional education or job advancement.
  • Students with no access to financial aid (foreign trained professionals, degree holders, students under academic suspension or students in process of establishing Texas residency)


All our courses are delivered online and/or Hybrid method which is a combination of In-person and online instruction.

Registration Process

  1. Request the Application Form from our department.
  2. Fill out and submit the Application Form.
  3. Pay the tuition fee in person at any campus, online or by phone.