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Formally established in 2017, El Paso Community College's (EPCC) Campus Cat Program's purpose is to humanely control and care for campus cat populations while engaging employees and students in animal welfare education and advocacy. This program works with EPCC's Physical Plant and is run by a network of committed volunteers.


  • Prevented thousands of kittens from being born by trapping, vaccinating, and sterilizing 100+ cats through El Paso County's TNR program and 35+ cats through private vets
  • Fostered 95+ cats and kittens
  • Homed 110+ cats and kittens
  • Provided emergency medical care for 90+ cats and kittens through donations and our personal funds
  • Feed and provide water to 100+ cats daily with only donations and volunteers

Daily Operations

Taking care of so many kitties requires a great deal of organization, time, effort, and money. Without our amazing volunteers, there is no way we could feed and care for so many kitties!

Everyday, 365 days a year, we have at least 2-4 volunteers feeding across campuses.

Each day, we use:

  • At least 16 pounds of dry food ($19)
  • At least 40 cans of wet food ($30)

We also periodically must purchase baking pans, feeders, bowls, gallon water jugs, paper towels, shelters, straw, and other supplies.

How To Get Involved

Please contact us if you are interested in donating food and supplies or volunteering to feed, trap, transport, or foster.