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The tutors at the Writing Center are committed to assisting you with any stage of the writing process. Many of the tutors have a Bachelor’s or Master's degree in English. Others are students, like yourself, who are still working on their degrees but who have excelled in their English classes. In either case, all of our tutors are accomplished writers trained to work with students at every level who are seeking help with their coursework.

The tutors at the Writing Center are also coaches who will help you understand your own learning style, with the goal of showing you how to become an independent learner. They will guide you in learning how to ask the right questions and where to go to find the information you need.

What to Bring to the Writing Center

  • Your student ID number and the name of your instructor.
    You'll use these to sign in.
  • Your instructor's assignment instructions.
    In order to best help you, the tutors need to be familiar with your instructor's requirements for the specific essay you're working on. Many instructors hand out paper copies of their assignment instructions. Others will post the instructions online on a site such as Blackboard.
  • A rough draft of your writing assignment (if possible).
    While the tutors can help you come up with ideas for your essay, working with an actual draft will allow them to make concrete suggestions based on what you've already written that you can later use when you begin to revise.
  • A pen or pencil.
    As you discuss your essay with a tutor, you'll be taking notes--either directly on your draft or on a separate piece of paper--about the topics covered during your session so that you can have a record of what you've learned. The tutors aren't allowed to write on your essay.
  • A positive attitude.
    The tutors can't do your work for you; they won't "fix" your paper so you can earn a higher grade. Becoming a good writer takes time and practice. If you come to the Valle Verde Writing Center with a willingness to learn, however, you will leave with greater knowledge about how to produce a successful college essay.

Online Tutoring

While we encourage you to visit the Writing Center in person, you can also take advantage of our online tutoring services. Online tutoring is provided by the Valle Verde Writing Center only; any EPCC student can submit an essay for review by attaching it to the email for the Valle Verde writing center.

In the subject field of the email, put your name and your EPCC ID number
In the body of the email, state:

  • Your instructor's name
  • The name of the course
  • Any questions you'd like the tutors to answer

The tutors can help you the most if you also attach a copy of your instructor's assignment instructions.
Your essay will be returned to you with a tutor's feedback within 48 hours. You'll need plenty of time to revise your essay once you get the tutor's comments, so make sure you send your draft at least 4 days before its due date.

You may submit as many drafts of your essay as you like, making sure that you've done your best to apply the tutor's suggestions to each draft version.


The EPCC Writing Centers aim to provide outstanding one-with-one writing assistance. Our writing assistance seeks to inspire academic, professional, and personal growth in all writers. We invite students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the surrounding community at any stage of their writing process. We create an accessible learning environment in order to help our community learn, improve, and gain confidence in their writing skills. We foster engagement with faculty who assign and evaluate writing assignments through collaboration and innovative pedagogical resources. We provide a welcoming atmosphere where students can engage with their writing in new ways so they may become confident writers with the toolset to navigate their academic experience.


The EPCC Writing Centers are a leading student resource for writing and literacy education in the El Paso community.