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The Service Learning Program at El Paso Community College encourages civic responsibility among students through community service. We provide resources and support for students and faculty who are currently using or would like to integrate service learning into their course. We support community agencies that are interested in partnering with El Paso Community College.

The program provides academic credit for service work in the community. Students contact their instructor and ask to participate in the Service Learning Program. All first time student participating in the Service Learning Program must attend an orientation session, which will be given at all campuses the first and second weeks of classes. Returning students may begin service right away. The student and faculty member agree on 20 hours of service in a specific community service agency that students will perform in exchange for academic credit. If the student completes the designated assignment she/he will receive credit through the course and receive recognition from El Paso Community College.

Through Service Learning students can apply newly-acquired academic skills and knowledge to address real-life needs in their own communities and reflect on the meaning of this service.


SL_Agency_List.pdfAgency List
SL_Application.pdfSLP Application
SL_Orientation.pdfSLP Orientation
SL_Reflection_Questionnaire.pdfSLP Reflection Questionnaire
SL_Student_Survey.pdfSLP Student Survey
SL_Time_Sheet.pdfSLP Time Sheet
SLP_Agency_Involvement_Form.pdfSLP Agency Involvement Form